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Bridget Pearson

Bridget Pearson has a degree in Chinese with Tourism and Leisure from Liverpool John Moores University.

She lives and works in Sheffield and is a friendly, approachable individual with a passion for business.

She has a personal approach to business and ensures that she gets to know well the people she works with.

Bridget’s other interests are walking dogs, snowboarding and playing her mandolin. She is a member of a group called Toastmasters, which is an organisation set up to improve your public speaking skills.

Your Bridge to China

Bridget established the company in Sheffield in 2011 with the specific aim of exploring a cross-cultural relationship between the UK and China.

She has visited China repeatedly: for studying and on several business trips to learn more about the Chinese market and to introduce sellers with buyers.

Bridget’s Year in China

Bridget and her family in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China

Bridget Pearson spent a year in Beijing studying Chinese at the CAMIC School in Wangjing.

Chinese culture and way of life is fascinating to her. She spent a month travelling round China by boat, train and plane. This experience gave her the opportunity to talk to people about their locality and hear the different dialects across the country.

China is an amazing country which is so interesting to explore and experience, she recommends people to visit all the time.

There are a few videos on Youtube of Bridget’s adventures in China, click here to watch.


Liverpool John Moores University  
May 2011

Chinese with Tourism and Leisure BA (Hons): 2.1 with Oral Distinction Award in Spoken Chinese

中国民航管理干部学院  CAMIC College in Beijing
September 2009- May 2010
Elementary Spoken and Written Chinese