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Mary Lui of James Hudson Taylor Group at Coleridge Primary SchoolYour Bridge to China supported a Chinese interpreting project at a local Primary School in Rotherham. Together, they spent the day in the FS2 classes observing their lessons. There were four Chinese children in the class who were not interacting or learning very much. We spoke to the children to get to know them a bit and find out whether the problem was language or more simply confidence.

At the end of the day, they gave feedback to the parents and teachers about how to move forwards. It has been difficult for the parents to input their opinions to the school due to the language and culture barrier. It was quite humbling to see the effect these conversations had on the parents. They could finally speak to someone in their own language about the challenges they were facing.

This was followed up with another meeting with a parent in the area who needed to understand the process of sending her son to a specialised school. Your Bridge to China went on a home visit and explained the process and the complicated forms to fill out. The meeting was resolved by the parent making a clearly informed choice about which school to send her child to.

Bridget Pearson of Your Bridge to China at Coleridge Primary School

We have really enjoyed this process, mainly to see the direct results our services have had on this local school.