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China is a complex market to crack but with the right marketing strategy and investment it will be a profitable endeavor for your business. However, it has to be the right time for your business. If you are not prepared to invest heavily in the market for a long period before making sales then it is not the market for you. Things can and will go wrong in your dealings with China; we are here to smooth over the process and ensure you are going down the right route.

We can advise you on best practice for business due to the cultural barriers of trading with China. Examples of this are: language; business etiquette differences; people.

Here at Your Bridge to China, we guide you through the process of exporting step by step. We have a local office in Guangzhou which is the capital of Guangdong province inhabiting around 8.5 million people. We can represent your business in China and give your Chinese customers peace of mind that they have a local staff member who speaks their language. China is a face culture and relies heavily on face to face dealings and building trust. If you lose face, it can be hard to gain it back.

Tourism in ChinaMarket research and development is vitally important for the Chinese market. If you want a buyer to be interested in your product, they have to see that you have a China strategy and are engaging with the market. There are many avenues to take such as: online presence; trade fairs. You may also have to adapt your product to suit the Chinese consumer. In the food market for example, something British people prefer as a sweet after dinner treat may be preferred as a savoury snack in the morning to a Chinese consumer.

There are various different routes to market to take with China: agents, distributors. We help you to find the best route and, more importantly the best people to work with.

Below is a diagram showing the stages that need to be taken if you want to sell to the Far East.

UK to China Export


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